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automa.jpg Automation Tools
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Tools to allow you to accomplish a task automatically and quickly.

discdrive.jpg Disk Managemet
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Tools to both maintain and Monitor your Disk Drives in your Computer, and manage the files on that drive.

Tools to maintain your computer and keep it tuned up to the best it can be.  All Tools are Freeware and can be freely downloaded and used. Many of the Programs also have a Professional or paid version which you should consider if you find the Freeware version beneficial.

allinone.jpg MultiTools
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This section contains tools which cover a range of operations on a machine. This includes sophisticated Virus and Malware removal software, Tools to make your computer run smoothly, check out and repair a windows installation and so much more.

networking.jpg Networking Tools
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One of the biggest problems nowadays is the use of the Internet and Networking as a whole. These tools are designed to both help you optimise and troubleshoot your internet and Networking Problems.

Recovery.png Recovery tools
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There comes a time when we have accidentally deleted a file, need to recover information of a disk, or maybe of a flash card that was full of our most precious photos. This section contains a wide variety of free tools designed for just such a time, all have been tried and found very effective at there respective jobs.

One of the problems I have come across quite often is the inability of Windows to remove installed programs completely, particularly Antivirus programs. This can be a problem as not removing an Antivirus program properly and completely can actually cause big problems on your machine. I have had instances where it has locked them out of there internet, made tools such as the registry unreadable and in one instance locking the client out of the machine totally. The tools in this section will help you remove an Antivirus program properly and completely, if you have found it slows your machine down to much, has to many irritating popups or what ever the reason.

There are also general purpose uninstallers here which will totally remove any program on your system, even if the original uninstall program has become damaged. I have a list below of Unistallers from the Antivirus manufacturers sites which will allow you to download there official version if you want to go with that. A huge thanks go to who compiled the list.

Product Version Version Note
Avast! 32 bit None  
AVG 32 bit 64 bit  
BitDefender 32 bit 64 bit  
F-Secure 32 bit None  
Kaspersky 32 bit None Works on 64bit.
McAfee 32 bit None  
Norton Removal Tool 32 bit None  
Panda 0607 0809  
Trend Micro 32 bit 64 bit Copies of TM have this installed
Windows Live OneCare 32 bit None  
security.jpg Security Tools
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Tools to allow you to lock your system down and prevent attack, to update and patch your machine to the latest version of all the necessary files such as Flash, Java and Silverlight to name just a few. It also contains tool which allow you to find passwords you have forgotten or allow you to access a machine you cant access due to a forgotten password.

system.jpeg System Tools
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All sorts of tools to show you information about your system, to mantain it and allow you to modify it in ways that suit you.